Ceremonies Saluting The Veterans of Taylor County
were held at the Campbellsville High Shool in Campbellsville KY

Veterans Entering The Auditorium

Ceremonies Well Attended

Student Gives Opening Remarks To
The Salute To Veterans Program

Mr. David Petett Introduces
Student Guest Speakers from
Campbellsville Middle School

"To Those Who Served"
Songs of George M Cohan and WW II Medley
Songs Of Each Of The Military Services
Performed by The CMS Eagle Choir.
Directed by Ms Matthews
Veterans Stood As The Song Of Their Branch Was Sung.

Mr. Kirby Smith Introduces
Student Guest Speakers from
Campbellsville High School

Student Introduces
Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker
Chase Bottoms

Presentation By Students

"I Was Here" and "Everybody Has A Dream"
Performed By The CHS Eagle Choir
Directed by Ms Chadwick

Mr. Kirby Smith - Presentation Of Veterans And Students
Whose Parents/Relatives Are Or Have Served Our Country.

Student Gives Conclusion of
Salute To Veterans Program

During Today's Presentation
A Member of the Campbellsville Junior Guard
Simulated The Steps The Guards Take
At The Tomb Of the Unknown Soldiers
Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC

The Tomb Guard:

Marches 21 steps down the black mat behind the Tomb.
Turns, faces east for 21 seconds.
Turns and faces north for 21 seconds.
Takes 21 steps down the mat

Each turn the guard makes is precise and is instantly followed
by a loud click of the heels as he snaps them together.

After each turn, the Guard executes a sharp "shoulder-arms" movement
to place the weapon on the shoulder closest to the visitors
to signify that the Guard stands between the Tomb and any possible threat.

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