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The following stories are complete and in plain text.

Author: Carniegirl

3016 -- Complete - Text Copy

The Investigators
Author: Carniegirl

The Investigator -- Day 1 through Day 19 - Text Copy

The Investigators Cast of Characters-- Text Copy

Undercover Rose
Author: Carniegirl

Undercover Rose -- 110 Chapters - Text Copy

Undercover Rose Cast of Characters-- Text Copy

Sheriff Sylvia Porter
Author: Carniegirl

Sheriff Porter -- 142 Chapters - Text Copy

Sheriff Cast of Characters-- Text Copy

Deputy Sylvia Porter
Author: Carniegirl

Deputy Porter -- 239 Chapters -Text Copy

Deputy Cast of Characters-- Text Copy

Author: Carniegirl

Trippin -- 64 Chapters -Text Copy

Trippin Cast -- Text Copy

Maxine Stone's New Life Parts 1 and 2
Author: Carniegirl

Maxine - 409 Chapters - Text Copy

Maxine Cast -- Text Copy

The following story has only one Chapter and is in plain text.

Kiddy Cop
Author: Carniegirl

Note: This is a side story from Deputy Sylvia Porter.

Kiddie Cop -- Incomplete Chapter 1 Only -- Text Copy