Barack Obama plans to cut the Military Budget
and rearrange their priorities.
The Following Budget Cuts Have been Planned to
Demonstrate His Oath to Protect and Defend the United States
Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

Yes Obama Promised In 2008 and again in 2012 To Do These Things.
Liberals Scoffed At Me When I Posted It Back Then.
Now The Time Has Arrived. I Hope They Now Choke On Their Scoff.
Nothing Has Changed Except Obama's New Army.

Military Funding Drastically Cut

Humvees Replaced by ATV's

Aircraft Carriers for the Navy

Destroyers Reduced To One Man Crew

The Coast Guard had to reduce the size of their Ships

Major Cuts in Healthcare Benefits of Those Who Protect Us

In Addition to The Military Cuts, He Has Proposed Cuts in Police Personnel.

Cuts to the Surveillance Program

The K-9 Corps of Police Departments Has Been Reduced

Have no Fear, Obama Will Call On His Private Army
TO Defend the US Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic