3 September 2012

Thank You Clint Eastwood

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Chair Photo by Pinchem

Chair Photo by Russ

Chair Photo by Tracy Baggs in GA


Sign On Chair Reads: And No One Heard At All, Not Even the Chair.
From the Song I Am I Said, by Neil Diamond
Chair Photo by Nonsense

"Eastwooding" here in Newport...
Happy National Empty Chair Day!!
May we all be Charter Members!
Chair Photo by HisHandmaiden

Chair Photo by Judy Rivers

Chair Photo by Cathleen Hampton

Sign says: Occupied?!? Noooooo
Chair Photo by Texan At Heart

Sign says: Hey B.O. - Get Off Our Lawn!
Taken on the Lawn of the U.S. Capitol
Chair Photo by NovaTiger

Her Majesty The Queen would like a larger chair
for the Buckingham Palace Yard Display
Photo provided by Lawsy0

Photo provided by Aesop Shrugged

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