Nicknamed "Pinchum Kentucky" From The Moonshine Days of Olde

Updated 26 NOV 2015

Saloma is about 7 miles NW of Campbellsville in south central Kentucky.
Little is known how the Community was established.
What is known is that after the Civil War Soldiers were
given land grants in the area thus many of them settled here.
Other folks came from Virginia and the Carolinas via the Cumberland Gap.


The pictures here attempt to show scenes from the early days
then as they are today. Some of them are mentioned in the History.
I hope you enjoy the comparisons.


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1-Saloma Area, late 1930's or early 40's.

Lower pic is looking down the same road in 2002.           

2-Old Brick store, gas and Post Office. Built in last half of 19th century. My Grandfather is sitting on stool, center. I just found in the List of Post Offices in 1870 Saloma is listed.
Lower, lot where old Brick Store was.

3-Old General Store on corner. Missing is the gas pump similar to one in Old Brick picture.

Lower, lot on corner where store used to be.

4-Parrott House next to Gen Store. Families who ran the store usually lived in this house.

Lower, lot where house used to be.          

5-Ed Gault's General Store at other end of Community. It was formerly Morton's Chapel United Methodist

Lower, Store was torn down and now a house is there.          

6-Looking down the same road as picture 1 above.

7-Going down the hill toward the 4 corners. Baptist Church on left, barely see the steeple.

8-The 4 corners. Near left is Baptist Church, Far left is where the old General Store was, Far right is where the Basketball Court is located.

9-Looking beyond the 4 corners.

10-Enlarge Picture, look at area then read the sign for a good laugh.

11-Another View

Sure is

12-Recreation Area

13-Another View

Where is it?

See next picture.

14-Recreation Building and Basketball Court, circa 1940's. 15-Concrete Basketball Court is all that is left.

16-Saloma Baptist Church, established in 1951. The site was originally a grist mill.

17-The Church in 2003 had not changed except the tree is blooming.

18-In 2005 the tree was cut down. Flag Poles have been added.

 19-Young, Jones, Parrott Families. Through some diligent efforts we have identified all but 2 or 3 of these folks.
Front Row, Right to Left are one man then Ogen Shipp then Dearen (killed in WW II).
on either side of the tall girl in front row (Geneva), to the left is Ruby, to the right is Jessie, and at her feet is my Dad Walter Young. Ruby, Jessie, Dearen and Dad were brother and sister. Their Mother, my Grandmother Clyde (peeking over shoulder of lady to the right of Geneva), Grandfather E.L. (rear on porch, 3rd to the right from the post),
When I get the complete list of names I will post them.

20-Old Original House. It originally sat in front of the Current Brick House,
The left side of porch used to be closed in and was the Post Office (moved from the old Brick store). Granddad was postmaster, when he died Grandmother was postmaster, when she died Aunt Jessie was postmaster until it was eliminated in the 1970's.

21-Old House from Side. Neighbors bought it and moved it to the lot next door after the Brick House was built.

22-Current Family House and Front Yard

23-House and Side Yard

24-Back of Brick House. Upstairs is ground level at the front. Double Doors at bottom lead into Basement Apartment. Door on left goes into a regular basement.

25-Looking across the Road from Front Porch. Look - NO houses, just a barn is to the right of the tree. The barns were later torn down. 26-Looking across back yard from the back porch. Again NO houses in sight.

27-Saloma Today. Right corner of picture is where the old Brick Store was.

28-This is a Deed with Plots listed in the town. Very imprecise.

29-A One Room School similar to the one that was at Saloma

30-The School was a 1 room Building. It had a pot bellied stove for heat, desks for students and teacher.

31-Sullivan School located on the corner of White Rose and Sullivan School Road

32-  This is the Class of 1916 or 1917. Front row, left to right, the tall boy in dark shirt then next is shorter boy in white top...my Father.

33- Saloma School 1931 or 1932. Second Row, left to right second girl is my Aunt Jessie (1 of Dad's sisters) who died in April 2002, age 84.

34. My House in Fall.

35. In The Summer

35a. In the Winter

35b. At Christmas

36. American and POW Flag.

37. Flags in Winter

38. Lit Up At Night

39-Looking to the left from Front Porch toward the Creek. Way down between the trees is the electric pole for the nearest neighbor on other side of creek.

40-Looking at road toward town.

41-Looking across road to farmland and Barn.

42-Looking to the right, General Store, up top of hill is closest neighbor that direction. Where you see the flowers on pedestal is my driveway.

43-Looking down from the Top of the Hill. First building is the old general store, the long building behind it is the current General Store.

44-Price's General Store in Saloma.

45-Looking from Kitchen toward door.

46-Tables for serving Breakfast and Lunches.

47-Looking from Front to rear of store.

48-Panaramic View Looking Toward Campbellsville.

49-City Limits Sign.

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