They, (whoever "they" are),
say that cars reflect the personality of the owner.
These are cars I have owned through over 80 years of my life.
Maybe it does say something about my various stages of life.

My First Car was a 1949 Nash.
I bought it because it was cheap in 1954.

Now Why Would I like the Nash? Hmmmm!

I thought this 46 Ford was kool so I traded the Nash for it.

Thinking I could be a mechanic
I tried taking the 6 cyl motor out
and replacing it with a V-8.
Guess what? It's didn't work out so well.
It became "Old Smoky"

I really fell in love with this cool 1951 Ford Convertible
I drove the '46 to the lot, turned the motor off
and coasted in so they wouldn't see the smoke.
I called this car the Mayflower. Must I explain why?

Transmission in the Ford died.
When you are a two striper money is scarce.
So I bought the 1950 Olds as it was cheap.

The Air Force decided I needed a vacation in sunny Morocco.
After returning from overseas I really went sporty. 1954 MGA
The paint was bad so I had it repainted
to a combination of red and international orange.
They certainly saw me coming.
If not they should lose their license for being blind.

Who is Mr. Kool with his MGA here?

MGA's were notorious for having crankshafts with soft metal
and kept throwing rods so I traded for the 1963 MGB

It was a good car but didn't hold the road like the MGA.

When you suddenly find you have two children alone,
I had to give up sporty for practical.
The 1969 VW Campmobile was perfect for traveling cross country.

Upgraded to the 1973 Campmobile.
Can you spot the difference
besides the color and the spare tire?

It's the location of the turn signals.

Good ol VW's famous for throwing rods.
Decided to go classic with the 60 Buick Lesabre.

Next we found a 1960 Buick Electra

Then we picked up an old 1969 Chevy.
except ours was a dark green. It was a sturdy tank.
Guy not paying attention hit the right rear.
Son pulled the fender back out and drove home.
Other guy had to have his modern car towed.
I think it was totaled.

Oh I just had to have one luxury car in my life
1965 Cadillac convertible.

Old cars wear out and I'd progress to the next one.
Some nice folks didn't need the Ford LTD
So they gave it to me. It was old and rusty
but it made two trips to Kentucky and back.

Kids are grown and gone
so decided it was time to spend money on myself.
I bought the GMC custom van.

I upgraded to fancy smanchy, 1997 Van Camper

All the comforts of home.

Rich? Nope, just 10 years of payments
and outrageous interest rates.

I needed a van to accomodate my mobility scooter. This Toyota fit the bill.


I needed to update my car. So I bought a 2015 Toyota Sienna with the handicap package.
The side door opens then a ramp comes out for a wheelchair or mobility scooter.
Note: This one has a running board for the passenger and driver.

Considering the mentality of drivers these days
I think this will be my next car

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