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Here's how to make them:

Our Family tradition is candy cane airplanes. It takes a small rubber band (size 16, about 2"), a small candy cane (about 3"), a stick of gum (the green wrapper of Doublemint is pretty, or the red of BigRed) and two wintergreen or Pep-O-Mint lifesavers. These are ‘chalky’ flavors, they don’t draw dampness and get sticky.

The lifesavers are wheels, the gum is the airplane’s wings, and the cane is the airplane body, with the rubber band holding it all together. Thread the rubber band through the lifesavers, hold the cane next to the lifesavers and bring the ends of the band over the ends of the stick of gum. It sounds clumsy here, but after making these for about 45 years, I can whip them out in a half a minute.

They look great on the tree, or add them to the bow on a gift. If you buy the gum in Plen-T-Pak, the wrapper is white, and you can write names in gold, red or green ink for ‘place cards’.

I think it is tacky to use the broken canes in airplanes. But a little almond bark melted with the crushed remains of the broken candycanes and lifesavers is a real treat.