Updated 20 NOV 2012

Miscellaneous Files To Download

To download, right click then Save As (or Save Target As, or Save Link As)

-- Power Point Reader -
        A Stand Alone PP Reader. Note it is 2.8 megs long.

-- How To Insert Pictures or Links -
        How To Make Them.

-- IE Spell Checker
        For Those of Us Who Need It. File is 1.99 MB.
               (Be Sure To Get Info Below)

-- Spell Check Info -
        How to Set It Up


-- Disaster Planning -
        Planning for Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Fires, etc.
               (Contributed by Agencies, A Few Ldotters and Myself)

-- Folders - Outlook -
        Separate Different Subject in Folders For Outlook Express


-- Folders - Netscape -
        Separate Different Subjects in Folders For Netscape Messenger.

-- Edit Email -
        Eliminate Excess Garbage In Your Emails

-- Pop3 Setup -
        Setting Accounts In Your Mailer If You Have More Than
               One Email Address

-- Candy Cane Airplanes -
        How To Make Them.

-- Christmas Tree -
        How To Prepare A Live One

-- Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander) -
           A neat utility for seeing in your Directories
               Moving, Deleting, renaming Programs and much more.
               NOTE: Link will take you direct to the website for the latest version.

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